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Lifeline through Music

MFL goes beyond just music and artists;
it embodies a movement founded on the belief that
music possesses the capacity to
dismantle barriers, forge connections among individuals,
and nurture positive transformation


lifeline through music

Upcoming Events

Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Park

Venue: Maynardville Open Air Theatre – Maynardville Park, Piers Rd, Wynberg, Cape Town

Overview: “Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Park,” a unique occasion dedicated to honoring the remarkable lives and enduring legacies of these extraordinary artists. The overarching objective of this event is to captivate, enlighten, and kindle inspiration in a wide-ranging audience while cultivating a deeper understanding of the profound musical contributions that these artists have bestowed upon us throughout the years.

Paying homage to some of South Africa’s most influential musical icons who have made significant contributions to the arts, with original compositions encompassing the very spirit of the south African landscape, musicians such as Winston Mankunku, Tony Schilder, Hotep Galeta, Abdullah Ibrahim, Jonas Gwangwa, VJR, Hugh Masekela, Jimmy Dludlu, McCoy Mrubata, and Mariam Makeba who in exile used her music to protest and tell the world of the struggle against racial segregation.

2 March 2024 and 10 May 2024

2:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Raising Voices

Venue: Homecoming Theatre – 15 M59, District Six, Cape Town,

Time: 19h00

Overview: Raising Voices explores the strained rRaising Voices explores the strained relationships of young adults from varied backgrounds and the effects of drug abuse on their familial relationships. What measures do they take to end the cycle of suffering? It dives into the inner psychological disposition of families devastated by substance abuse in South African communities.

The play delves into the complexities of dysfunctional families,
portraying the impact of absent fathers, neglected mothers, and the pivotal role of grandparents, the causes of drug abuse and the repercussions that extend to both health and social domains, thus contributing to a rise in dysfunctional family and community dynamics.

The narrative draws influences from the pervasive impact of socio-economic issues, including the lack of recreational facilities, minimal source of income and high unemployment rates within the community which leads to an incline in crime rate.

Raising Voices is an interdisciplinary work of art which integrates dance and poetry into a theatre performance.

15-16 MARCH 2024

7:00 p.m.

Support Musicians

Foster enduring change. By providing a monthly contribution, you’re playing a vital role in enabling us to create a lasting impact and sustain our efforts for the future.

As a recurring donor, you automatically become a valued member of our “Orchestra of Changemakers” – no musical expertise required. You are the foundation of our endeavors, and we extend to you an exclusive invitation to an annual gathering in an extraordinary venue. Here, you’ll relish a one-of-a-kind concert featuring exceptional musicians, an experience unavailable elsewhere. Your commitment echoes harmoniously, shaping the melody of transformation.

Our Vision & Mission

Mission: At Music for Life, our purpose is to ignite inspiration, shatter cultural boundaries, and serve as a lifeline to artists facing barriers to their crafts.

Vision: Music for Life serves as a catalyst for change, addressing systemic inequalities within the music industry.

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